quarta-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2008

On New Years & Astronauts

A new year. A date, a time. A threshold that makes us emotional.. This emotion, for me, is always hard to define... a sort of neediness. (it's different than that of Christmas which has more to do with childhood, nostalgia, family). This one has more to do with doing the right thing at midnight. It's not anxiety though. It has something to do with doing the right thing....


Maybe astronauts feel this way before launch. They're on to something new... but the hard work involved is daunting. The checklist is great. Nothing can go wrong.

Then the time comes and there are explosions. Light. People look to the sky and cheer. The heart rises, rises and a happiness comes to our cheeks and eyes.... we made it. The spectacle fades in the sky. Our hopes carried away on smokey clouds that skim the earth sideways. Sky empty, we now know its up to us to make our hopes rise throughout the year.

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