segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2009

Are you an Oscar Niemeyer fan? Call for entries will soon be announced to submit architectural and landscaping designs for 1 square kilometer

in Brasilia's center; The so called Setor Cultural Norte and Setor Cultural Sul. If you are interested please email us at and you will be notified of the Call for Entries. No fees will be involved. No Regulations. You don't even have to be an architect. Just keep in mind that these are Cultural sectors and we hope that your ideas somehow "go with Brasilia". Works will be exhibited in 2010 during a seminar/exhibit commemorating Brasilia's 50 anniversary. Questions? Email

50 Anos de Brasilia: Você já desenhou (ou conhece alguem que já desenhou) um projeto para os Setores Culturais Norte e Sul no centro de Brasilia?

Sim? Entre em contato com para que o seu projeto faça parte de uma exposição/seminário para os 50 Anos de Brasilia (entre abril e setembro de 2010).

quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

Wisp O'er a Wing

Been away from home for 4 weeks but now i'm back. .... hmmmm i think this is the first time i called Rio home. I'm trying hard to make my tiny apartment here in Copacabana feel like a home and not student flat/pied a terre (which it currently looks like). So here is a pic from my flight back from Belo Horizonte (which by the way was fabulous). Had the best time hanging out with Espanca theater group.