sábado, 24 de maio de 2008

Wonder Wing

... 747 somewhere between São Paulo and Rio ...

Heathrow's New Terminal 5 by Night

... from the window of our 747 as we taxi by...

Sleeping Beauty

Here's a cute English guy who sat next to me on the flight from Amsterdam to Heathrow. Me and my sneaky camera. Tee-hee-hee.

Back in Brazil

(picture is me talking off in Amsterdam) So... it turns out I wasn't a good blogger in Europe. Now I'm back in Brazil. DasArts was a great experience... and i met lovely artists... Nadia, Petter, Ivo, Steef, Linda, Stephanie, Camilla, Christian, Snejanka (kisses to all). I'll probably be retro-blogging a bit. Talk about what went down there. Today was a particularly beautiful day... but I couldn't get out of the house. Tired of moving about. Still jet-lagged. To recover from jet-lag I believe it takes one day for every half hour. I'm 5 hours jet-lagged... Will take 10 days to recover.