segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2007

YouTube of the Day: Machine Show

The Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show. I´m not sure this is a continuing series. It should be. Trés PeeWeeHermanesque.

sábado, 28 de abril de 2007

YouTube of the Day: Annie as Minnie

I´m back to sharing my YouTubes of the Day. This one is one from Annie Lennox´s album Medusa in which Annie plays Minnie Mouse Waiting in Vain for Mickey to show up and pop the question.

quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2007

Think in Reverse.

Think in reverse.
Sustainability will no longer save us.
Have only one child. Or don’t have children at all.
Adopt one off the streets of the world.
Give your car back to your dealer.
Ride a bike everywhere.
That silly gift, that inflatable Edward Munch Scream, that head massager, give it back to the friend that gave it to you.
Tell them to give it back to the store.
Tell the store to send it back to the distributor, then manufacturer. Tell the manufacturer to undo everything it did until it disappears into the ether.
Send your air conditioner in to be melted and recycled.
If your too hot you´re probably too fat.
Eat less. You live off of 1/4 of what you eat.
Your doctor lives off the other 3/4.
The bastard.
Buy a smaller fridge.
Eat local fruit and vegetables.
Not tomorrow.
Figure out cleaner engines.
Not tomorrow.
Put up solar panels on your houses today for both water AND electricity.
Pay your last electricity bill and tell them you’ll use their power when it’s produced by wind or solar energy.
Governments; stop being such wimps and do the same.
Stop mining coal EVERYWHERE.
Hunt cattle in the Amazon.
Hunt cattle where ever there was a forest.
Give all your soy products back to the supermarkets.
Tell them soy didn’t cure world hunger and that cash crops are evil.
Find out where your shit goes.
If you discover it goes untreated to the sea
go shit on your mayor’s doorstep until he/she does something about it.
Stop all construction. Plant ivy over them.
Knock down one room in your house.
Plant 2 trees in its place.
Tear up one street in your neighborhood.
Plant 100 trees in its place.
Cancel your next ten business trips.
Use skype or messenger instead.
Visit your grandparents in a zepplin or by train.
Demand that trains be solar powered.
Don’t ride them until they are.
If there is not enough sunshine to power trains in winter
don’t go to your parents for Christmas.
Who told you to live so far from them anyway?
If there is no longer coal to heat your house and you are hungry through the cold
wait for the Indians to come around with food.
Give thanks.
And this time mean it.

- April 2007 – Ricky Seabra, Rio de Janeiro

Back with Blogspot

Hi everyone. I´ve been away from my blog because I´ve been having html code problems. To make a long and uninteresting story short and uninteresting my Dreamweaver program (with which I build my blog) seems to have a bug and it was erasing some of my entries. So I have changed to Blogspot. Let´s see how this goes. kisses to all.