domingo, 30 de novembro de 2008

Retro-blogging the beauty of flight

So I'll be posting some moments from the tour I did since August. The translation of the review in Slovenia will be arriving on Wednesday so I'll post it here as soon as possible in both Portuguese and English.

The tour was great. I got to fly a lot. I messed up my sleeping patterns. I suffered from a severe case of insomnia at one point. I thought ending my tour in Slovenia would make things worse but it actually didn't. Aside from meeting really sweet people in Slovenia (probably the warmest response I ever had to Empire) I started to sleep again. OK. It must have been because the tour was over and my body relaxed. But I think it was the snow, the winter. My body went into hibernation mode and I slept 11 hours one night and 10 the next. I was so happy to sleep again. I even slept on the plane upon my return which is something I can never do. I have these mini panic attacks if I sleep. I wake up startled. Indeed I did have one bad dream on the plane... I dreamed that the plane slammed into a hill... i could see it approach in front of the wing... i looked forward and could see the plane crumpling and burning from front to rear. I woke up and wondered, for the first time, why is it that I set myself up to fear flying when in fact i love sitting at the window and admire the beauty of flight, the motion of the clouds passing, the flaps on the wing moving, the plane banking shifting the sunlight etc? Why is it that I don't dream of the beauty of flight? So I'm trying to make that shift now. So to follow over the next days, weeks perhaps, will be videos and pictures I took from my airplane window of this beauty of flight I so much observe.

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