quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2009

While searching for Paradise....

At least once a week I go into Google Earth just browse over our Planet. I start off far out in space, set the planet a-spinning with my cursor and the stop it abruptly with a click- - an action that used to require an entire arm and hand and a real globe. After stationary I click on the zoom-in button and soar downward to someplace somewhere. When I reach a few kilometers above the ground I scan around looking for beautiful places. I click on those Panaramio pictures as well. Well, yesterday, while searching for paradise I zoomed in from outerspace right on to this image... two nuclear craters from the 1950's tests at Enewetak on the US Marshall Islands, one of them neatly capped by a dome. How considerate. Time to go back into space.

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